Optimised solutions for your industry

We have been working with and for a wide range of industries for over 50 years. Thanks to our product range, we are able to procure and process precision tubes for all conceivable applications, regardless of their intended use. To date, we have mainly worked for customers in the following industries:



The highest quality standards and the lowest tolerances: This is what characterises the requirements of our customers in the automotive industry. We are proud that we have been able to count renowned companies among our customers for many years.



The requirements of the construction industry are particularly demanding. We know what is important and have been supplying large companies in the construction industry for decades.

Furniture industry

We have been supplying large companies in the furniture industry with series parts for several decades. This industry has been an integral part of our customer base for so long that we would almost bet that every household in Germany owns a Drebes pipe.


Leisure industry

We have also been successfully supplying the wide range of applications for tubes and open profiles in the leisure industry for many years with small series and series parts in large quantities.


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