The company

As a family business, we are proud of our long-standing collaboration with customers, suppliers and employees. We think and act in a long-term and sustainable manner and place great value on working together in a spirit of partnership and openness.

The story


Foundation of the company


Expansion of the machine park


Move to Korschenbroich, to the current location


The second generation, Oliver Drebes, joins the company


Expansion of production capacities


New sawing systems with multiple cuts


New construction/expansion of the production and storage area incl. new photovoltaic system with surplus production
(More PV electricity is generated than is consumed).


New logo and new brand identity for Drebes GmbH


As an owner-managed company, we have been operating sustainably and with future generations in mind since our foundation. We are aware of our responsibility towards nature and society. 

That's why we are far from finished with the following efforts, but are continuously working on further optimisation:

Photovoltaic system

We produce more electricity with our PV system than we consume for our production.

Certified disposal

Our production waste is disposed of exclusively by certified companies.


We pay careful attention to the reuse of materials.